Alexander Graham Bell by Grosvenor and Wesson


Alexander Graham Bell by Grosvenor and Wesson

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    Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone    by Edwin S. Grosvenor and Morgan Wesson

    1997   Hardcovered, with dust jacket, very gently used, in like-new condition.


    The first fully illustrated book about Alexander Graham Bell and the early years of the telephone -- an invention that transformed the culture, social fabric and economy of the United States and, ultimately, the world.   This book is co-authored by Bell's great-grandson, and includes hundreds of illustrations and photographs. 

    Bell's remarkably fertile imagination spawned a raft of inventions most of us have never associated with his name.  Working in the US and Canada, he devised the first practical phonograph, the metal detector, the hydrofoil, and the respirator.  Bell and his associates also conduted pioneering experiments in aviation.  He also helped found the National Geographic Society and its distinguished magazine.