Alice Steer Wilson:  Light Particularly



Alice Steer Wilson: Light Particularly

  • Alice Steer Wilson: Light Particularly   by Janice Wilson Stridick, with essays by Anne R. Fabbri and Sue Carpenter Priester

    Southbend Press  2013

    Hardcovered.  New.


    This award-winning book offers more than 200 stunning images, as well as stories, poems and essays illuminating Alice Steer Wilson’s art and the people and places that inspired her.

    In the early 1970s, Alice Steer Wilson (1926-2001) enjoyed an undisputed role in the renaissance of Cape May, New Jersey.  She painted en plein air to capture the changing light on neglected beaches and Victorian cottages, inns and hotels.  Hailed as a patron of preservationists and as a colorist who was able to convey the intrinsic character of a resort that had fallen on hard times, she inspired townspeople and tourists to see Cape May as a treasure worth preserving.  She also is known for her portraits and still lifes in oil, watercolor, and charcoal.


    The owner of one of Steer Wilson's paintings found a message that the artist had written in 1974 on the back of the painting:  "In case my paintings are ever “discovered” after I’m dead, here is my statement of what I was trying to do. I loved the appearance of things, light particularly, and I tried to copy it as accurately as I could, leaving out what was boring and exaggerating what I liked. Why I loved certain sites better than others, I never knew, and neither do the people who are explaining it to you now.”



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