"Bill and Hillary" Biography


"Bill and Hillary" Biography

  • Bill and Hillary: The Marriage  by Christopher Andersen

    1999  Hardcovered, with dust jacket.  Very gently used, in good  condition.  


    They are, by any definition, one of history's most remarkable couples: he the irrepressible country-boy populist oozing ambition and Southern charm, she the brilliant lawyer with a taste for power and, in the end, an unshakable allegiance to the man in her life. Together, Bill and Hillary Clinton scaled the heights of power and prestige, only to have his wantonly reckless behavior bring them to the brink of personal and political ruin. Despite the billions of words that have been written about Bill and Hillary, the true nature of their relationship remains a jealously guarded secret -- until now.   Christopher Andersen draws on important sources -- many speaking here for the first time -- to take readers on a fascinating journey inside the world's most talked-about marriage. Among the revelations: the stormy clash between the President and the First Lady when he finally confessed his adultery to her; never-before-known details of their courtship, the real reason they stay together, and their bizarre links to Jack and Jackie Kennedy; from Barbra Steisand to a Miss America to Sharon Stone and Monica, the women in Bill's life - and how Hillary has handled them.






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