National Geographic Covers


National Geographic Covers

  • National Geographic:  The Covers:  Iconic Photographs, Unforgettable Stories

    2014.  Hardcovered, with dust jacket, gently used.


    National Geographic: The Covers is the definitive cover collection from the world's most beloved magazine. The magazine with the famous yellow border has been in publication for more than 125 years, and its vast array of cover stories has opened our eyes to a richly diverse world and taken us to places we only dream of visiting: deep within the rain forest, miles below the surface of the ocean, and into the farthest reaches of the universe. Captured by some of history's most gifted and innovative photographers, these covers tell a fascinating story of the last 125 years, one in which air power has advanced from the Wright Brothers to the Space Age; undersea exploration has evolved from awkward submersibles to sleek subs that can penetrate the ocean's deepest trench; and the natural world has transformed from a vast territory of exploitable resources into one in need of our protection.

    The Covers also reveals the captivating stories behind unforgettable images; from the piercing green eyes of the Afghan girl, to the  hunted gorillas of the Congo's Virunga Crater. Decade by decade, The Covers charts our evolving understanding of global culture and the unfolding of international political events, as they record groundbreaking discoveries and the enduring beauty of our natural world.



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