Divestitures and Spin-Offs


Divestitures and Spin-Offs

  • Divestitures and Spin-Offs:  Lessons Learned in the Trenches of the World's Largest M&A Deals  by Joseph Joy

    Springer  2018

    Hardcovered, very gently used.


    The world of M&A is complex and nuanced. Corporations encounter their toughest business problems during a divestiture or a merger. At the same time, optimal execution of a divestiture can create high value for the seller as well as the buyer. This book is a collection of leading practices on divestitures and covers the transaction life cycle from readiness through execution, including post deal transformation. It contains the synthesis of experiences across a wide array of clients and industries, ranging from $500 million to $100 billion in revenue.

    Each chapter in this book can stand on its own as an authority on leading practices related to the topic it presents; together, these chapters provide a comprehensive set of perspectives needed to complete a divestiture successfully. The highlights of the book are the valuable real-life examples and references that a business can benefit from, when it is considering, analyzing or implementing a divestiture.

    Author Joseph Joy is a Deloitte Principal with more than 24 years of consulting experience and is a leader of Deloitte’s Technology M&A practice. He has worked on more than 150 M&A deals and has extensive M&A due-diligence, divestiture, integration, carve-out, and restructuring experience. He has led multiple large-scale, multibillion-dollar separation deals for several global clients including some of the largest and most-complex transactions in the history of corporate M&A. He demonstrates robust skills in leadership and management, with focus on risk analysis, quality control, framework development, methodologies, governance, and cost reduction. He is a thought leader in digital transformation and is passionate about helping clients create business value and embark on transformation for growth.