"Fast Forward"


"Fast Forward"

  • Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood  by Lauren Greenfield, with an introduction by Carrie Fisher and afterword by Richard Rodriguez

    Chronicle Books 2004

    Hardcovered, with dust jacket, gently used.


    A harrowing and empathetic look at a generation growing up faster than ever, Fast Foward is a powerful testimony to the ways in which Hollywood values are reflected in the everyday lives and rituals of Los Angeles youth.  In dozens of unforgettable full-color photographs, accompanied by poignant and unsettling interviews with children and their parents, award-winning photographer Lauren Greenfield reveals the realities of an accelerated culture that is at once irresistible and unforgiving.

    From affluent children of the Westside, to graffiti gangs and party crews of East L.A., the Los Angeles young are obsessed by the lifestyles promoted by the entertainment industry, with its emphasis on celebrity, looks, money and possessions.    Greenfield's pictures and interviews chronicle vastly disparate yet eerily parallel child societies:  an eight year old recording hip-hop in his father's home studio; a gay teenager experimenting with drag at the Hollywood High School for the Performing Arts; a Latino tagger seeking recognition and respect by spray-painting the name of his crew on the city's walls and buses.  Taken together, they paint a picture of where not just West Coast society, but international culture in general, is headed.

    This breakthrough debut insightfully creates an arresting vision of our children and our society awash in a sea of media-driven values.