Georgia Sheron's "Uncle John: Portraits of a Yankee Farmer"



Georgia Sheron's "Uncle John: Portraits of a Yankee Farmer"

  • Uncle John:  Portraits of a True Yankee Farmer  Photographs by Georgia Sheron, with an introductory essay by Ann Beattie

    Bauhan Publishing 2013

    Hardcovered.  New, still in its plastic shrink wrapping.


    Over the course of a dozen years, photographer Georgia Sheron took numerous photographs of her next-door neighbor, Uncle John Ludorf, a farmer who plowed with horses and milked cows by hand into his late nineties.  Her striking prints, accompanied by John's observations as garnered in a number of interviews, offer an artful, nuanced, and unsentimental look at a bygone way of life.

    From the introduction by Ann Beattie:  "I love the way certain photographs overwhelm with the sheer immediacy and vastness of the terrain, so that it takes a few moments to realize there's a tiny person there. In other photographs, we're persuaded to perceive the way the photographer does: John's spread fingers are not so very different from the splayed branches of the towering tree; his veins are only the living version of the shape he holds." 




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