Grade 3 "The Fire Thief" Book Stack



Grade 3 "The Fire Thief" Book Stack

  • Get all three books in Terry Deary's entertaining Fire Thief series, a re-imagning of the story of Prometheus.  This stack includes the following very gently used books, suitable for children in Grades 3 and up:

    • Book One:  The Fire Thief
    • Book Two:  The Flight of the Fire Thief
    • Book Three:  The Fire Thief Fights Back

    The Fire Thief series is based on classical mythology, hilariously reimagined.  In Greek mythology, demigod Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to the human race. In this series, to escape the gods’ revenge, Prometheus travels through time to Eden City in the 18th and 19th century. There, he befriends some brave and resourceful children. In each of these novels, Terry Deary masterfully interweaves two plots, with action jumping at a whirlwind pace from Mount Olympus to Eden City. Packed with puns, wisecracks, and sarcastic footnotes, The Fire Thief turns Greek mythology into a laughing matter.


    Book Stacks are pre-packaged; no substitutions.



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