Graffiti Kings



Graffiti Kings

  • Graffiti Kings:  New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970s  by Jack Stewart

    Harry N. Abrams  2009

    Hardcover, used.  


    Graffiti Kings is the definitive book on New York's subway graffiti movement, an unprecedented creative explosion that occurred across the five boroughs during the 1970s.  A firsthand account of the birth of this movement by photographer Jack Stewart.

    Through personal interviews and over 275 full-color, previously unpublished photographs, the colorful origins of subway graffiti are brought to life. Legends such as Taki 183, Blade 1, Phase 2, and Co-Co 144, as well as the city officials who saw the writers as public menaces and their art as vandalism, provide accounts of their work.

    Alongside archival photographs of everything from vibrant bubble-letter and 3-D pieces to whole-train pieces, are maps, images, and ephemera that help fill out the complete story. A celebration in words and pictures of graffiti's golden age.



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