History of the World in Photographs



History of the World in Photographs

  • The Encyclopedia Britannica /Getty Images:  History of the World in Photographs 1850 to the Present,   with CD-ROM

    Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers 2008.  

    Hardcovered, very gently used, in near-new condition


    Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the world’'s most respected reference publishers, and Getty Images, the largest photographic collection in the world, have joined together to create this groundbreaking visual journey through more than a century of world history.  Beginning in 1850— -- the year Harriet Tubman guided members of her family to freedom via the Underground Railroad, Charles Dickens published David Copperfield, and Levi Strauss began selling dry goods to California miners— -- this comprehensive volume of facts and photographs chronicles 150 years of human progress. Through dramatic images and an innovative timeline, it offers both a sweeping overview of history and in-depth information on key people, places, and events.

    Organized by decade, 6,000 timeline entries cover events year by year in the categories of science, medicine, and technology; religion, philosophy, and education; history and politics; business and commerce; daily life and society; and the arts. In addition, 300 spotlight articles explore in greater detail the most intriguing events of each decade. 

    Augmenting Encyclopedia Britannica'’s text are thousands of photographs, and drawings and paintings, from the collection of Getty Images. Rare portraits of Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickinson, Vladimir Lenin, and Billie Holiday share the page with images of the most unforgettable historical moments, including the Charge of the Light Brigade (1854), the advent of flight (1903), the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941), the moon landing (1969), the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), and Hurricane Katrina (2004).  Historical  artifacts, such as one of the first letters carried by the Pony Express (1860) and the $7,200,000 check that the United States used to purchase Alaska (1867), are here, as well as ephemera of everyday life, such as an ad for a Singer’ sewing machine in Scientific American (1851), and a reproduction of Emile Zola’'s open letter, J'’accuse, to the president of France (1898).

    The accompanying CD-ROM includes an additional 20,000 images.




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