Legacy and the Double by Annie Matthews and Kobe Bryant


Legacy and the Double by Annie Matthews and Kobe Bryant

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    Legacy and the Double    created by Kobe Bryant, written by Annie Matthews

    2021  Hardcovered, very gently used, in near-new condition.  


    #1 New York Times Bestseller

    Kobe Bryant’s legacy of uplifting and inspiring young athletes continues in this highly anticipated follow-up to the #1 New York Times bestseller Legacy and the Queen.

    Legacy Petrin is a national tennis champion, but she doesn’t feel like one.  At the orphanage where she grew up, far from the city where she learned to shine, Legacy struggles to focus on her training.  Her famous magical inner light dims and darkens until she barely recognizes herself.

    Then a girl who looks exactly like Legacy ― same burlap dress, same signature glow ― starts playing in Legacy’s name.  She wins matches in the city, makes charming speeches in support of “Queen” Silla, and gains a devoted following.  Soon, Silla issues a decree against impersonating champions, which means that the real Legacy could be arrested simply for looking like herself.

    To reclaim her name and her identity, Legacy has no choice but to compete in disguise, until she can rise through the ranks, face off against her imposter, and prove that she is the one and only Legacy Petrin ― a champion who was born to shine.