Mad Gab + Hit Or Miss

Two games, for ages 10 and up.

Play Mad Gab and Hit or Miss.

These games are used, but all their pieces are there.

Mad Gab + Hit Or Miss

  • Two games, for your family's next game night:

    • Mad Gab.  Try pronouncing this phrase: "Dew Wino Hue." Do you hear the common expression hiding in the nonsense phrasing? Repeat the words a few times aloud, and you're sure to guess that you are actually saying, "Do I know you?" In Mad Gab®, teams work to "translate" groups of unrelated words into real phrases before time runs out. Clues are provided on cards (the answers are safely hidden on the back).
    • Hit or Miss by Gamewright.  Sharpen your pencils, and your intuition, for this quick playing "think-in-sync" party game. Draw a category card,  and in 45 seconds, list as many related words that come to mind. When the timer runs out, roll the die -- if it lands on HIT, pick a word that you think everyone wrote; if it lands on MISS, pick one that only you wrote. Choose wisely and score big points. The player with the highest score wins.

    Both games are recommended for ages 10 and up.

    Both of these games are used, but all of their pieces are there.




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