Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary, Read-Aloud Edition


Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary, Read-Aloud Edition

  • Runaway Ralph   by Beverly Cleary

    Special Read-Aloud Edition.  Hardcovered, without dust jacket;  very gently used.  

    With a motorcycle to rev and the open road to see, Ralph S. Mouse is itching to run away from his overprotective family.  But once he escapes to a summer campground nearby, the horrors of the wild make him doubt his plan.  Angry cats, scary watchdogs, and grouchy gophers are only the half of it.

    Then Ralph befriends Garf, a sad and friendless boy at the camp. Though Ralph wants desperately to be back home with his relatives, he realizes that he may need to help Garf before he can help himself.

    Runaway Ralph is the second book in the Ralph S. Mouse trilogy, along with The Mouse and the Motorcycle and Ralph S. Mouse, all inspired by Beverly Cleary's hope to create appealing books for boys and girls, and by the sight of her son playing with toy cars.