Aperture Magazine Vol. 214 Spring 2014


Aperture Magazine Vol. 214 Spring 2014

  • Documentary, Expanded -- Spring 2014 issue of Aperture magazine (volume 214)

    Softcovered.  Dimensions:  9.2" x 11.9"

    Used, in very good condition.


    Entitled "Documentary, Expanded", Vol. 214 of Apeture magazine was created in conjunction with Magnum Foundation and guest editor Susan Meiselas, and explores a cross-section of critical questions for practicing documentarians.

    Meiselas, in an interview with Chris Boot, Aperture’s executive director, discusses the need for photographers to adapt and embrace new technologies, tools, and strategies; Ariella Azoulay, in conversation with Creative Time’s Nato Thompson, reflects on the important role of collaborative ways of working in the history of photography; Ethan Zuckerman considers the benefits and pitfalls of citizen journalism and image aggregation, while Lev Manovich presents his work with big data and social-media visualization. The essay section is rounded out by additional pieces by photojournalism experts Fred Ritchin and Stephen Mayes, and a dialogue between artist Hito Steyerl and theorist Thomas Keenan.

    The magazine’s portfolio section presents new projects that use social media, data mapping, or collaboration to engage on current social-political themes. Thomas Dworzak documents Instagram’s role as a political or news mouthpiece; Daniel Traub collaborates with local photographers to document African laborers in southern China; Wendy Ewald, Eric Gottesman, and members of Canada’s Innu people build a community archive; Emily Schiffer shares her photography and mapping project on Chicago’s underserved South Side; artist James Bridle documents an invisible war with Dronestagram; Mari Bastashevski explores the global arms trade; and Teru Kuwayama discusses Basetrack, a social-media reporting project connecting Marines with their families.

    Aperture magazine is an international quarterly journal specializing in photography.  It is the flagship publication of Aperture Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation, intended to connect the photocommunity and its audiences with the most inspiring work, the sharpest ideas, and with each other.  Aperture magazine describes itself as an essential guide to the art and phenomenon of photography.  Each issue focuses on a major theme in contemporary photography, serving as a book about its subject, for anyone interested in understanding where photography is heading.  With fresh perspectives on the medium by leading writers and thinkers, and beautifully designed and produced, Aperture magazine makes new ideas in photography accessible to the photographer, student, and the culturally curious alike.