Aperture Magazine Vol. 215 Summer 2014


Aperture Magazine Vol. 215 Summer 2014

  • The São Paulo Issue -- Summer 2014 issue of Aperture magazine (volume 215)

    Softcovered.  Dimensions: 9.2" x 11.9"

    Used, in very good condition.


    Entitled "The São Paulo Issue", Vol. 215 of Aperture magazine explores contemporary photography and critical writing produced in Brazil, as seen through the prism of the dynanic city of São Paulo.

    Working in collaboration with guest editor Thyago Nogueira, editor of Brazilian photography magazine ZUM and head of the Contemporary Photography Department at Instituto Moreira Salles in São Paulo, this issue features portfolios of great photography and writing by Brazilian curators, critics and historians, as well as highlights from some of the city's leading institutions and galleries.

    In the Words section, Sérgio Burgisurveys the city’s artistic activity across the twentieth century; Natalia Brizuela tells the story of Hercule Florence, who pioneered an early form of photography; Ronaldo Entler presents five politically engaged photography collectives; Cassiano Elek Machado reviews one record of the city’s nuances and conflicts as preserved in photobooks; and Silas Martí looks at a new network of independent exhibition venues, residences, and galleries.

    The Pictures section features Christopher Phillips on Caio Reisewitz’s lush imagery; Heloísa Espada on Geraldo de Barros’s post-modern photographs; Agnaldo Farias on Bárbara Wagner’s alternate version of Afro-Brazilian performance groups; Tobi Maier introduces conceptual artist Hudinilson Urbano Jr.; Rodrigo Moura on Mauro Restiffe’s photographs of Oscar Niemeyer’s funeral; Ana Maria Maia on Jonathas de Andrade’s subtly subversive Education for Adults posters; Sarah Hermanson Meister on Regina Silveira’s 1970s photograms; a portfolio of recent work from emerging photographer Sofia Borges; and Claudia Andujar explores the experience of Eastern European immigrants fleeing the Second World War.


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