The Creation


The Creation

  • The Creation   text by Stephen Mitchell, illustrations by Ori Sherman

    Hardcovered, with dust jacket (creased at bottom).  Used, in good condition.


    Beautifully illustrated story of the Creation, translated from the Hebrew Bible.  Translated and adapted by Stephen Mitchell. Paintings by Ori Sherman.

    In this extraordinary book, two artists have taken to heart the phrases and images of the creation story and produced a joyous, vividly imagined, and graceful interpretation of the first chapter of Genesis.  Ori Sherman’s paintings swirl with the glowing chaos of the unformed world, then shine with the first light, and burst into life with the creation of living things. His unique vision is mirrored in the words of acclaimed translator Stephen Mitchell, who has newly adapted the Biblical text for children, with a fresh simplicity that remains true to the original.



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