The Godmothers by Camille Aubray

The Godmothers by Camille Aubray

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    The Godmothers  by Camille Aubray

    2021 Hardcover.  Very gently used, in very good condition.


    Pitched as “Elena Ferrante meets Big Little Lies”, The Godmothers is a novel about four remarkable women from very different backgrounds who are united by marriage in an elegant, prosperous Italian family, and then must take charge of the family’s business when their husbands are forced to leave them during World War II.  The story takes place in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. 


    Meet the Godmothers:  Filomena is a clever, resourceful war refugee with a childhood secret, who comes to America to wed Mario, the family's favored son.  Amie, a beautiful and dreamy French girl from upstate New York, escapes an abusive husband and falls in love with Johnny, the oldest of the brothers.  Lucy, a tough-as-nails Irish nurse who ran away from a strict girls' home, marries Frankie, the sensuous middle son.  And the glamorous Petrina, the family’s only daughter, graduates with honors from Barnard College despite a past trauma that nearly caused a family scandal.

    Stylish, sassy and brave, all four women become godmothers to one another’s children, finding hope and shelter in this prosperous family and their sumptuous Greenwich Village home, and enjoying New York life with its fine dining, opulent department stores and sophisticated nightclubs. 

    But the women’s secret pasts lead to unforeseen consequences and betrayals that threaten to unravel all their carefully laid plans.  And when they must unexpectedly contend with notorious gangsters like Frank Costello and Lucky Luciano who run the streets of New York City, the Godmothers learn to put aside their differences and grudges so that they can work together to protect their loved ones. 

    Refusing to merely imitate the world of men, the four Godmothers find their own unique paths to success, love, forgiveness, and the futures they’ve always dreamed of.