"The Joseph H. Pilates Method at Home"


"The Joseph H. Pilates Method at Home"

  • The Joseph H. Pilates Method at Home:  A Balance, Shape, Strength and Fitness Program  by Eleanor McKenzie

    2000.  Softcovered, gently used, in good condition.


    First popularized in the 1920s and adopted by dance greats George Balanchine and Martha Graham, the Pilates technique has gained  recognition as an effective holistic exercise system. It combines elements of yoga and classical dance with principles of concentration and exercise that increase body awareness, release tension, and realign the body. The program is particularly popular with people who want to move away from the "no pain, no gain" mentality of the workout gym and are seeking alternative methods of fitness. Pilates at Home offers readers a clear explanation of this conditioning system. Color photographs show users how to coordinate body, mind, and spirit by working with the body's muscles -- not on or against them. Includes sections on posture, breathing, warm-up exercises, and the use of weights.






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