Valuing Musical Participation


Valuing Musical Participation

  • Valuing Musical Participation  by Stephanie Pitts

    Ashgate Publishing Limited, UK and US  ©2005

    ISBN 0754650952

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    What motivates people to be involved in musical performance, and how do they articulate these needs and drives? What do performers gain from their involvement in musical activities? How do audience members perceive their relationship to the performer, the music and the event? These questions and many more are addressed by Professor Pitts with the benefit of detailed empirical work, including case studies of a chamber music festival and a contemporary music summer school.

    Pitts investigates the value of musical participation for performers and audience members in a range of contexts, using a multi-disciplinary approach to place empirical data in the framework of existing theory and literature.   Themes examined include: the shared musical experience; the social structures of performing societies; how people identify with music; the values implicit in musical preferences; the social responsibilities of the performer; the audience view of concerts and festivals; the social power of music and educational implications and responsibilities.

    Author Stephanie Pitts is a Professor of Music Education in the Department of Music at the University of Sheffield, UK.