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Pigology by Daisy Bird and Camilla Pintonato

Pigology by Daisy Bird and Camilla Pintonato

  • From our Children's Picture Book category:

    Pigology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia   by Daisy Bird and Camilla Pintonato

    2021 Hardcover. Very gently used, in very good condition.


    Welcome to the wonderful world of pigs! Pigology is filled with incredible pig facts told in a playful tone by Daisy Bird, with irresistibly charming illustrations by rising star Camilla Pintonato.


    Pigs are full of unexpected surprises.  Did you know that when a pig is happy, it will uncoil its curly tail and wag it just like a dog? Or that feral hogs can detect odors from seven miles away?b Pigology delves into the history of pigs, pig breeds around the world, famous pigs, pigs in culture, and so much more, with engaging scenes from illustrator Camilla Pintonato.  This lively visual encyclopedia, a follow-up to Chickenology, offers something to discover for everyone young and old: nature- and animal-loving young readers, pig enthusiasts, pig farmers, and pet pig owners alike! 




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