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Westport Book Shop Welcomes October Art Exhibitors in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Westport, CT, October 4, 2023 — In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Westport Book Shop welcomes as guest exhibitors in the book shop's Drew Friedman Art Place, local artists Jane Lubin and Toby Michaels, both of whom are breast cancer survivors.

Toby explains, “Going beyond the limits of logical thinking, my abstract paintings become spiritual and metaphysical adventures, inspiring me to inquire into the “unseen”, the endless cosmic and universal possibilities that give life to artistic expression.”

Toby began teaching at Coleytown Elementary school and later became an art teacher in Weston and Darien elementary schools. After receiving her Masters Degree in Art Therapy and Counseling, she initiated an Art Therapy program for Norwalk Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry where she practiced for 17 years. She later moved to lead art therapy groups at Silver Hill Hospital. Toby is an artist member of Art/Place Gallery and The Artist Collective of Westport. Her work is also represented in the Westport School’s Permanent Art Collection. Her media appearances include Cablevisions' "Creative Woman Today" and the award winning film "Years in the Making", a documentary which celebrates late-life creativity.

Jane, who is a mixed media artist, explains “In this series of collages, I have created a large group of unusual creatures based on human anatomical components. While recognizable, they inhabit an alternate universe where they play, dance and cavort with one another as if they do not have a care in the “world.” This fantasy world extends into much larger pieces, but I have included only the small ones in this selection. Scientists are allowed to discover new species; artists seem uniquely qualified to do the same.”

Jane Lubin's work spans several genres – acrylic painting, collage, digitally manipulated photographic collage and polymer clay jeweller. Dr. Lubin is an eye surgeon by training and has always had a fascination with anatomical shapes. She is a member of Silvermine Guild of Artists, past Board Member of Artspace, New Haven, and past president of the Womens Caucus for Art, Connecticut. She teaches Anatomy & Physiology at Norwalk Community College.

Jane Lubin and Toby Michaels’ artwork will be on exhibit at the Book Shop through October 31, 2023. All work on display is available for purchase.

Westport Book Shop, a nonprofit independent used book store, is downtown Westport’s only source for gently used and antiquarian books, vintage vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and audio books. It is located at 23 Jesup Road, right across Jesup Green from the Westport Library.

The Book Shop’s “Drew Friedman Art Place” is an area of the store dedicated to exhibiting the work of community artists year-round, on a rotating basis. Miggs Burroughs, a Trustee of the Drew Friedman Community Arts Center, and a founding member of The Artists Collective of Westport, curates these exhibits, which change monthly.

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